Morton Mentor

The Morton Mentor Program matches Morton CUSD 709 High School students with local mentors
possessing professional knowledge, skills, contacts, and resources. Through these matches, our
Mentors share their experience, guidance, and encouragement for students to develop their career
pathway. Mentors and mentees will meet 5 times over the course of the school year. There
will also be two group events, a match day event at the start and a closing reception at the end.
The goal of the program is to establish a mentoring relationship where the student gains an
understanding of a career or area of professional interest and is provided with the steps needed to
follow the career path or explore the area of professional interest.

2018 Dates Coming Soon.

Facilitated by the Morton Chamber of Commerce, Morton Mentor is a program launched by Leadership Morton Institute and coordinated with Morton CUSD 709 High School. They recruit mentors and mentees, facilitate the Morton Mentorship group events, and provide support and information if problems arise. You may contact the Chamber at 309-263-2491. We happily welcome  feedback!

Recruitment of Mentors and Mentees:
Mentors complete the attached written application, including two references. They then participate in
a 45 minute training session with the Chamber of Commerce, at which time they learn additional
details of the program, review student listing of interested industries and complete the onsite
fingerprinting for background check screening process that District 709 has in place for all volunteers
working with students. There is no cost to you as the Morton Economic Development Council is
sponsoring this program to further our students into career opportunities.

Mentees also complete a written application, which includes a parent/guardian consent form. We ask
that the students and parents attend an orientation held during the beginning of the academic
semester to receive more information about the program and our guidelines.

The Chamber of Commerce matches mentors and mentees based on shared industry interests,
potential college interest, and, if it is important to the mentee, cultural background. Unfortunately, we
are not always able to match everyone who applies. This happens for many reasons, but the most
common is that we simply do not have equal numbers of mentors and mentees. If a mentor or
student is not matched, please understand that it is not because he/she is "unsuitable" for the
program. They will be placed on our waiting list and contacted as soon as an opportunity arises for
them to be involved.

After Students Are Matched:
After students are matched, they will meet with their mentor at least 5 times over the course of a school year.  They can meet at school, at the mentor place of business (encouraged), or as otherwise agreed
upon by the mentee and mentor. Parent consent must be given for all activities participated in. As
the mentors are volunteers, it is important that the mentee and the mentor are both respectful of the
other’s time.

Thank you for your interest in the Morton Mentor program and look forward to the growth
opportunities for our Morton CUSD 709 High School students. Your time is of true value to bridging
the connectivity between school and the business/professional world that builds their pathway to a

Apply online.  We will begin reviewing applications for the 2018 program in May.  

Questions? Contact Leigh Ann Brown at